A lesson on how to apply the classic Ted Reed syncopation exercises using paradiddles.

Here's  the accompanying PDF    /files/762098/syncopation-in-paradiddles.pdf

The paradiddle pyramid

Here's the accompanying part  /files/762191/paradiddle-pyramid.tif

Applying the rumba to the drum kit

A lesson on how to approach putting 5 over 4

Here are a couple transcriptions. The first is a classic Philly Jo Jones breaks and solo and you can get the PDF of the transcription  HERE




Now to one of my all time favourites Frankie Dunlop This great solo from a live recording with Monk's big band.

The written transcription is HERE






We all have our own approach to brush playing. Here is a primer that will get you started.




This is more of a demo rather than a lesson.





Here's a nice Max Roach exercise to help you move around the toms.





A series on the essential elements of jazz drumming.