Keeping the drummer occupied. These 40 studies provide an interesting and challenging way to practice your rudiments. Each study is designed to develop both rhythmic ability and hand technique by utilising familiar stickings in unique ways. Singles, doubles, flams, rolls, and paradiddles are all presented using a combination of unusual rhythmic groupings as well as odd time signature giving you an insight into many of the rhythmic devices found in the contemporary music of today. Also included is a challenging snare drum etude which can be used as a performance or audition piece.

Also available below as a PDF download including audio of all tracks.

Keeping the drummer occupied PDF and audio download
  • Keeping the drummer occupied PDF and audio download

Keeping the drummer occupied PDF and audio download

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This a PDF download of the book which includes audio of all exercises.

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Odd Meter Clave for Drumset uses a unique approach to odd time signatures, taking the tried and tested rhythms of Cuba and applying them to various meters. Beginning with an in depth study of the various claves and their qualities, moving on to the various rhythms in 4/4nwhich are the templates for their odd meter counterparts. The odd meter is divided into 3 sections, clave in 5, 7 and 9.In each section there is an analysis pulse, the clave and their relationship. The student then builds the various rhythms of Mambo, Songo, Mozambique etc. to fit the new claves. These rhythms work on many different levels, as an odd meter learning tool, as co-ordination studies or just great sounding grooves. Finally there is a chapter on building your own claves. Here we can see some of the possible permutations that can be created by combining and adjusting claves, allowing the student to create original claves on which to build their own patterns and grooves. With over 300 examples this unique book/CD opens a world of new possibilities built on a deep musical tradition.

Rhythmic Reading for Drummers is the essential guide to understanding rhythmic notation. Starting with the basics and working step by step until all the common rhythmic patterns have been fully explained. The notation is clearly laid out, complete with counting methods and exercises for each example.

For the beginner it's the ideal method to understand, learn and play any rhythmic figure. For the intermediate student, it contains a wealth of exercises and explanations, taking the mystery out of those common but rarerly explained rhythmic figures. For the advanced student, there are a series of challenging rhythmic solos as well as new sets of syncopation exercises notated with and without the quarter notes. For the teacher, it's the ideal reference booknwhich can also be used as a supplementary study for snare or drumset.

With over 70 explanations and exercises Rhythmic Reading for Drummers is the ideal addition to every drummer and drum teacher's library.